Testing Keywords with Google Adwords

Here’s a simple tip that could easily save you both a lot of time and lot of money.

Setting up an effective SEO campaign in a competitive market can be a long drawn out and expensive process. Worse yet, if you are focused on the wrong keywords, you might need to start over again after you find out that your site is not producing the results you want.

An easy way to avoid needing to start over is to test the value of keywords before you heavily commit to your SEO strategy. Buying pay-per-click ads (PPC) allow you to see what keywords have the ability to drive traffic to your site.

Test a Variety of Keywords

Not every keyword you try will be profitable. But if you try a variety of keywords tightly related to your business you are far more likely to succeed than if you only bid on 1 keyword. Most businesses should test at least 5 to 10 different keywords, while retail oriented businesses should test a much larger set of keywords, driving traffic to the most relevant page whenever possible.

Apply AdWords Data to Inform Your SEO Strategy

Find out which keywords have value for your business, and set up your site structure based on the top performing keywords.

Bartholomews School of Motoring

We have recently created a website for a brighton driving school. The company provides driving lessons to the greater Brighton area including Hove, Shoreham and Portslade.

brighton school of driving

brighton school of driving 2

SEO Myths

Here is a great article on SEO myths. Well worth a read........36 SEO Myths